About us


The idea itself literally bumped into me during a sunny Sunday of September that took place last year. Yet I knew nothing of candle making. It didn’t stop me from trying to make one. After adding a few silicone molds to my shopping cart the game was on. When I took out my first candle it was 4 am in the morning. I was standing in our kitchen and for the first time after a long time it was happiness running all over my face. It was all Love.

FLAMEBOYANT is a collectible, limited edition, handmade, natural soy wax candle brand on a mission to expand the idea of the candle itself. 

I believe that a candle is not just a knot/wick dipped and stuck in a piece of wax.
 I see it as a little sculpture programmed to bring more Love to your life.

About me? I am a bird.
Laura Aleks


All of the FLAMEBOYANT candle designs are created and owned by me.