Frequently Asked Questions

FLAMEBOYANT has just been launched - no one has asked me questions yet.

BUT let me share some facts.

x Once you light up a sculpture candle – it starts running. Please place it safe, so it wouldn’t damage the surrounding as well as it will extend the burning time.
x If it is placed in the direct sunlight the colour of the candle may change.
x If you’d want something specially made for you – don’t hesitate to contact me we’ll think of something together.

x Candle LIPS was created to stand for a cause. Different colours are supporting different causes around the world.
x Candle collection contains limited edition candles embossed with the number – meaning once it’s gone, IT IS GONE.
x Please see each candles description to know how many pieces am I going to produce per design.
x Yes, you can contact me if you’d like me to create you a candle.
x FLAMEBOYANT candle designs are made and owned by Laura Aleks.